Seize unique behind-the-scenes video hacks:
3 Masterclasses
to take your videos to the next level:

  • Green Screen Made Easy
  • How to Script your videos
  • Video Content Strategy

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As a former deer in the headlights when it came to public speaking and videos,
I've discovered a practical effective method how to overcome this.

Hi, I'm Elsewine Rietveld, confidence trainer from the Netherlands and I used to be so scared and insecure of being in front of the lens that I never dared to press record... Even though I definitely wanted to make an online course.

Then, I've discovered a method that gave me confidence, clarity and even joy in the videos I am making. I've created several online courses already, as well as loads of video blogs and even live videos. Doing so, I made a lot of mistakes and got to know ins and outs of doing videos...
- which I now gladly share with you through these masterclasses!

The Masterclasses

1. Green screen made EASY - and why you want to use one!

I always thought a green screen was very high-tech, and only meant for professional TV studios...

Well, in this Masterclass, I'm breaking it down for you so you can easily start using one in your business,

and I'll give you insider info on what you need (and what not) to work with it.
There are so many advantages to using a green screen - here are just a few of them:

  • No more worrying about finding the perfect color and staging your cloths, then having to change because your top clashes with the background - again.
  • The days that you look back at your video only to discover one of the clams let loose halfway through or the wrinkle sneaked back just at the end of your otherwise perfect take... are OVER!
  • It becomes super easy to repurpose your content into another setting - just clip out the section of the video you want to re-use, stick another image as background and you're having it fit seamlessly into your new video or course... or even someone else's brand!
  • You can set up the screen everywhere so you no longer spend hours cleaning the background by getting rid of your dirty washes, bulks of children's toys, leaning books, or pet ravages.

2. SCRIPT your videos - and you're never short for words!

I used to feel uncertain and uncomfortable in front of the camera. In the beginning, I didn't even press record...

And when I did, I often stuttered or mumbled, forgetting what I wanted to say.

Over the years, I've discovered different ways to script my videos and you'll get them here in this masterclass!

  • No more worrying about how you should prepare for your videos, what to do, using an autocue or not...
  • The days that you look back at your video, cringing at the way you've rambled on, just didn't know what to say or went off-topic again... are OVER!
  • It becomes super easy to structure your content, because you now know exactly how to prepare and how this is different for the nine types of video that we go over in this Masterclass - they are very different, and so is the way to script them!

3. Video Content Strategy - never run out of ideas!

One of the things my clients tell me they struggle with most is: What to make videos about?!
Maybe they've made two or three videos and then ran out of ideas.
It's one thing to randomly put out a video. If you create a content strategy, you'll not only work on visibility but have aligned and focused content that supports you in reaching your business goals:

  • A content strategy so that you'll have videos that are most effective in supporting your business strategy, and not random thoughts that go in all directions.
  • You will sit down for an hour once and will create at least 75 topics for videos so that you'll always have something to say!
  • You can create two videos per topic that you come up with, so these 75 topics become 150 videos! Which is enough content for at least a year. Cool, right?!
  • It becomes super easy to create the most compelling videos to support your business goals. Creating videos is more than getting your face out there, so people get to know you better. They should align with your business and focus on the goals you work towards right now.